How Do Clothes Reflect Our Personality Traits and Cultural Backgrounds?

Clothes reflect a great deal of a person’s identity, traits, culture, and nature. An individual’s dressing style talks a lot about him/her. People can simply witness what a guy or a girl is wearing and it mirrors their social and economic status too. People mostly follow their culture while maintaining their fashion sense as they are living in a society among their peers who have an eye for the same trends. Usually, people tend to wear what is suitable for their surroundings. For instance, students, teenagers, corporate workers, and those who have seen life passed and experienced the journey i.e., the elders wear what is suitable to them in accordance with their social environment and attachments.

How Do Clothes Reflect Culture?

Every culture has a way of maintaining people’s identity within society. It is also somehow interconnected with religions and regions. Thus, people living in a particular social setting, are willingly bound to follow the values, norms, and even limitations that society restricts them to follow. The same is with the clothing for men and women. They adapt and then cope with the cultural impositions in terms of dressing and fashion. Since the discussion is about how and what do clothes reflect in a person’s life, it significant to view the implications and influences of the culture upon the individuals. It sets some rules for a person regarding what is apposite and inappropriate to wear in order to fit in the environment. For example, in different parts of the world, clothing represents the cast, literacy, fashion, liberalism, and conservative mindsets. Just like the Indian culture openly reflects a person’s identity. To be clear, wearing a turban in a specific way defines a man as Sikh.

Role Association with Clothes and Culture

The specifications of a man’s appearance describe his role in society. This seems quite simple to comprehend because whatever a person wears, tells what he/she is contributing within a social environment. The culture of a country decides what men, women, kids, and the elderly should wear to represent their roles. Going back to 2008, youth was all about wearing baggie pants while keeping those jeans lower from the hipbone. Though fashion was notorious among elders but the youngsters preferred to ignore the witty oldies. The point is, seeing those boys wear such pants would instantly pop up a thought bubble in mind that they might be high school students and trying to be a part of an ongoing trend. Similarly, professors were famous for wearing casual coats with leather patches on the elbows of the coat in the 90s. So, it will not be wrong to say that clothes reflect people’s professions, activities, and role-playing too.

Clothes and Personality Traits in a Culture

Clothing, culture, and a person’s characteristics are all influential to each other. Change in one thing affects the other two as well. If a culture experiences alterations and innovations, the style of dressing and a person’s way of adapting it also fluctuate. For example, some years back in certain parts of the world, women were not allowed to wear western dresses since clothes reflect cultural identity. Thus, the limitations affected the nature of women too. At that time, people believed women to be shy, reserved, and somewhat inferior too. As the culture cleared the boundaries, the women became confident, smarter, efficient in the work environment, and even started becoming successful too. The example simplifies those clothes reflect the culture and vice versa but the dressing and cultural properties also have an impact on the people’s nature.

How do clothes Reveal Success?The discussion so far can confirm that it is not that hard to realize if a person is wealthy or not by just glancing at his/her clothes. Since, the debate is about clothing, culture, and their association with other things, cultural dresses are one way of making a fashion statement in society. Similarly, when it comes to fashion, people’s success, status, and wealth can be easily determined. The easiest way to understand this notion is through observing those who are brand conscious. A person who is wealthy and successful prefer to look presentable before his companions. They are seen wearing expensive and fashionable dresses. Such people want others to endorse their presence among them, thus it becomes an important task for them to be what the culture of successful people wants. Therefore, their clothes become a status symbol for them and others.

Nathaniel Clark

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