How WhatsApp Chatbots Are Helping Transform Online Businesses [2021 Updated]

2021 is going to be the year of automation and if you have not already automated your business operations then it’s a high time that you start doing it. We all saw how the ecommerce business flourished during the pandemic because all the lockdowns in effect but that’s not true for all online businesses. A lot of them struggled with communication and order management because they were short resourced.

Let’s face it, online shoppers are becoming more demanding by each day and expect a personalized experience. They tend to respond more to the personalized messages than generic ones. So, you could be having a huge traffic influx on your website but it won’t matter as long as you won’t engage them through messaging. Now that can either be done by hiring several resources at the cost of thousands of dollars or you could go for automation and get a bot for WhatsApp that would do the same.

One might wonder what exactly is it about WhatsApp that makes it stand out from other messaging apps and why is your presence more important on WhatsApp than other communication platforms? Well the answer lies in its 1.5 billion user base across 180 countries. Here is a look why WhatsApp chatbot is need of the hour.

Why implement a WhatsApp chatbots?

The advantages of WhatsApp for business go far beyond simply communicating with the customers. One doesn’t have to be a marketing expert to acknowledge the fact that mobiles and smart devices are conquering the desktops. A recent report has revealed that 80% of the purchases were made through smartphones last year which is a big eye opener for those who have not yet optimized their online stores for mobile devices.

Moreover, WhatsApp is widely used around the world for personal communications which means that your users would feel more comfortable communicating with you on WhatsApp than some other third party platform.

Smart Replies

One of the key reasons that businesses are opting for WhatsApp chatbots is because they are AI enabled and no matter what time of the day it is, you would always have a representative that can engage your visitors, assist them with the information or the product they are looking for.

A chatbot has some pre-saved responses that it uses to interact with the customers. That’s not it, a chatbot’s AI algorithm enables it to learn from its interactions with the customers which only gets better over time.

Increase conversions

A lot of times your website user is simply visiting to gather information and they may not be at that part of the funnel where they are ready to make a purchase. A chatbots can even help convert visitors into paying customers by offering special discounts on the products they are interested in. This way you can maximize your conversions even when you are asleep.

Customer service

There are a lot of companies using WhatsApp for customer services. Imagine this, you get a customer to complain over the weekend and you are only able to respond to it after a couple of days. This could prove out to be disastrous for your brand image. That’s where Whatsapp chatbots come into action and address the customers’ concerns in real-time.

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