Preventing asthma attacks is going to be slightly easier while maintaining these precautions

Asthma treatment

If you are suffering from asthma you know that it is not a type of disease that has a permanent cure for it. it is best said that your Asthalin inhaler from Arrowmeds is your best bet to survive during a critical asthma attack.

But that being said there are ways you can avoid getting into a severe asthma attack. It could be that some of the points are known to you. But the problem is that you seem less concerned and your activities seem to be too casual at times.

Here we are going to mention to you some of the precautions that you need to maintain for avoiding a severe asthma attack.

Reasons behind People Suffering from Asthma

The various reasons why a person is affected with asthma but of all the reasons two most valid reasons that are very commonly found are: –

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Perhaps there are people with many different preferences but buying inhalers online with the right medicine is more likely and an advanced method of buying inhalers without putting yourself at risk of going out in polluted air or heat and reducing the chances of getting a self-called asthma attack.

You know what the asthma allergen is but do you know them all?

To your surprise, you might not know that an asthmatic patient might have more than one asthma attack-inducing allergen that they may be prone to.

So you need to be aware of exactly the type of asthma allergens that you are prone to.

Here are some of the asthma allergens that you might be prone to-

  • Dust
  • Mites
  • Pollen
  • Molds
  • Cold weather
  • Certain fumes of chemicals
  • The aroma of certain spices, flowers
  • Dander
  • Smoke
  • Asbestos dust

To get to know what exact allergens induce an asthma attack in you need to know about the allergens especially the ones you are prone to.

Apart from this, the doctor might ask you to conduct various tests such as skin prick tests, blood tests, and serum-specific IgE tests to know the exact allergen types.

Keep getting vaccinated from the seasonal flu

At times you need to get vaccinated for the seasonal flu. Such as during the cold weather or the other seasons certain flu can set in which can induce asthma attacks.

You are not guaranteed of not having seasonal flu during the flu season but using a Asthalin inhaler from Arrowmeds along with getting vaccinated at proper times will keep you much safer from the dreaded severe asthma attacks.

Most people are prone to getting asthma during the cold weather and the pollen season. Know from a doctor what your chances are from suffering an asthma attack during these seasons.

Avoiding nocturnal asthma and occupational asthma

Avoiding nocturnal asthma and occupational asthma is also simple yet people don’t take these too seriously. See if you have nocturnal asthma then you can apply simple steps at home to avoid unnecessary asthma attacks.

Here are some simple steps to avoid nocturnal asthma-

Use an Asthalin inhaler from Arrowmeds at night before you go to bed to get a good night’s sleep. Remember that nocturnal asthma can crop up an entirely different set of complexities such as insomnia, anxiety disorder mood swing disorder, stress, and panic disorder.

Clean up the bedsheets and pillow covers at home within a few days to ensure that there is no dust settling into them.

Try and use a dehumidifier in your rooms if stay in a highly humid area. Remember that humidity can also set in asthma attacks.

Try and avoid pets coming into your bedroom if you have nocturnal asthma.

Just like this apart from using your Levolin inhaler you can also avoid occupational asthma in simple steps mentioned below-

There are various industries that you need to avoid if you see that occupational asthma is your main concern. Try and get yourself a new job avoiding the chemicals sector, food processing, and animal farm industry.

If you have no other job options try and use as much protective gear if you are an employee in the above-mentioned industry. Last but not least don’t forget to carry your Asthalin inhaler to your office.

Keeping the right asthma diet

There are some good-quality food items and nutrients that you need to take you to avoid asthma triggers. The good nutrients that you need to focus on include Vitamin C and E as these prevent inflammation of the lungs and feeling of irritation in the airways. You can try it out by eating lots of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

Avoiding some specific food items to which the patient is allergic can also help by far to keep you safe from an asthma attack.

Taking food items such as milk that are rich in Vitamin D. other than this you can also take salmon and eggs. Studies and researches have shown that in most cases there is a significantly low level of vitamin D in the body of an asthmatic person.

Now just like the food items that you need to take there are some substances that you need to avoid too. These include sulfites because they can trigger asthma attacks by causing inflammation within the airways.

Some of the food items rich in sulfites include wine, dried fruits, shrimp, etc.

With this being said there is no guarantee that people taking in asthma-avoiding food items will not suffer from an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, you still need to keep your Asthalin inhaler close to you.


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