Vakrasana Yoga Pose: Its Benefits, Steps, and Precautions

Vakrasana yoga pose increases the activation of the spine. Protects you from diabetes. Plays a very important role in depression. Now it comes to how to do this asana in the right way.

Yoga is very beneficial for every human being. It keeps our body healthy from both inside and outside. There are many types of yoga asanas, one of them is Vakrasana. Vakrasana comes in relation to sitting postures. Vakra is a Sanskrit word that means serpent. But by doing this posture, the spinal cord is straightened. However, the body becomes completely crooked. Vakrasana yoga pose is also known as the Half spinal twist pose. Let’s know-


Steps of doing Vakrasana Yoga Pose


Vakrasana yoga pose increases the activation of the spine. Protects you from diabetes. Plays a very important role in depression. Now it comes to how to do this asana in the right way. Here, simple ways of doing this are being told, which you can understand easily, these are as following-


Step 1: You spread your legs and sit on the ground, making sure that there is no distance between the two legs.


Step 2: Fold the left paw from the knee and lift it up and place it next to the right knee.


Step 3: Keep the spine straight and while exhaling, bend the waist to the left.


Step 4: Now with the elbow of the hand pull the knee of the left leg towards you with pressure.


Step 5: Pull your legs towards you in such a way that there is pressure in the stomach. Maintain Yogasana according to yourself.


Step 6: Now exhale and come to your first position.


Step 7:  Do the same steps on another side. It was a cycle. In this way, you can switch to cycles 4-5.


Benefits of performing Vakrasana Yoga- 


As like, other yoga asanas, Vakrasana yoga also provides you the great health benefits that are enough for everyone to live a healthy and peaceful life. So, here we will go through such benefits that will beneficial for you in every way.


1- Vakrasana yoga is very beneficial to prevent diabetes. This asana works to digest food properly and helps to regulate your blood sugar level. This asana helps in controlling the level of diabetes.


2- Vakarasana is beneficial in reducing abdominal fat, when it is done, there is pressure in the stomach, due to which the fat starts melting and the stomach becomes thin.


3- If you have spasms or any pain in your waist, then this disease will definitely be corrected soon.


4- This Yogasana is a panacea remedy for the spine. It makes the spinal cord flexible and makes it healthy.


5- If you have constipation, indigestion, gas problems, then you should definitely do Vakarasana.


6- It gives activeness to all the organs related to the stomach and digestive system. Proves beneficial in the secretion of enzymes and hormones.


7- The yoga practice of this asana makes correct all the problems in your neck like pain and discomfort.


8- It makes the nervous system healthy and makes them work quickly.


9-  It is beneficial for our respiratory system and lungs.


10- It is beneficial for the muscles. If this yoga is done regularly then the muscles become stronger.


11- By performing Vakrasana, the problem of sluggishness and cramps in the body is eliminated when doing this, the whole body is twisted in it, which removes laziness and lethargy.


Precautions need to be taken while doing Vakrasana Yoga Pose:


By the way, you must have understood how to do Vakarasana? Now let us see what precautions should be taken while performing Vakrasana.


  • Some precautions should also be taken in making the development so that there is no problem.


  • If you have a stomach ache then you should not make it easy.
  • Do not do it in much back pain.
  • Doing this asana should be avoided in the case of knee pain.
  • Avoid doing this even if you have neck pain.
  • It should be avoided if there is a pain in the elbow.
  • If you have any kind of surgery on your stomach, do not do it.
  •  If you feel any difficulty in doing this, you should not do it.


Are you still curious to learn more about yoga asana? In fact, you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India. This might help you to go through many asanas for good results. 


Note- I hope you guys have understood how to do Vakarasana and the benefits of Vakrasana. You can also do it by yourself, but you should practice Vakrasana Yoga under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher so that you can get to know yourself better.



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